What is a content gap analysis?

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What is a content gap analysis?

Your website is beautiful, your social media accounts are active, and your blogging efforts are commendable. But does the content across these mediums address the pain points your visitors are experiencing? A content gap analysis finds the disparity between the content you have and the content your customers and prospects are looking for. The goal is to uncover what lies in between and how you can address and correct the discrepancy.

What is your content marketing strategy?

Many business owners say they have a marketing budget, and they are investing with the goal of attracting new business. However, a marketing budget is not a marketing strategy. A significant number of companies invest their marketing dollars without a marketing strategy or a consistent brand message.

How do a marketing budget and marketing strategy relate to content? Content is the glue that holds them together. When done well, it is the backbone of your entire strategy and communicates across multiple channels with multiple targets.

content marketing strategy uniquely identifies your customers and prospects and engages with them to:

  • solve their problems and understand what matters to them
  • start a relationship and build brand loyalty
  • welcome them as new customers

No matter how great the marketing strategy, it won’t work without great content. And great content does not happen by accident.

How do you produce rich and relevant content?

  • LISTEN. Many tools allow you to listen to what your customers are saying across a wide variety of platforms. When you listen with an open mind, it will be clear what they are interested in and what matters to them.
  • Monitor social media to understand where and how they engage with you.
  • Study your Google analytics to see what pages and content generate the most unique visits, longest duration, and lowest bounce rate.
  • Pay attention to SEO. If you don’t have an SEO program, invest in one. It will tell you what keywords are ranking and what your customers are searching for.
  • When you’ve listened to your customers, create a content plan that gives them what they want. Use it for websites, blogs, video content, social media, downloadable documents, and any other content you can generate.

Why is content gap analysis critical?

Content gap analysis forces you to adjust your perception of what you think your audience wants to what is actually important to them. The gap analysis will generate new content which in turn, will generate more traffic, engage your current customers, and guide your visitors to take action or purchase your products.

Reviewing and analyzing your content can be eye-opening. Through the process, you may uncover a gap where your customers have lost interest. When paired with a strong SEO program, it will help you create and select the content that truly resonates with your targeted customers to develop improved customer engagement.

How do you perform a Content Gap Analysis?

We know every client is unique, and we do not perform cookie-cutter analysis for any of our clients. Cox Marketing Solutions will create a customized content gap analysis to uncover how and why your customers buy from you – or don’t.

  1. Identify your customer and the reasons they choose you over your competitors
  2. SEO keyword research to provide the data upon which your plan is built
  3. Evaluation of your content compared to that of your competitors
  4. Compile the findings and create a content marketing strategy designed specifically for your business.

Let’s take a look at your content.

Our passion is to help businesses like yours build a marketing strategy to communicate directly and effectively with your customers. We’d love to put our experience to work for you! Let’s talk about how content marketing can positively impact your customer behavior and lead to new business and better customer engagement.

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