Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit
Marketing audits provide the data your business needs to understand which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t.

When we are asked if we can help a business that isn’t sure if its marketing is working, the first thing we do is a marketing audit. We turn all your marketing inside out to provide you with answers based on data, not assumptions or because we have experience.  


Because the truth lies in the data. Our experience means we know how to interpret the data – then give you real answers to how your marketing is working.

We can continue to go on and on about Marketing Audits and why they are important, but for now, let’s keep it to the basics.

What is a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit is an in-depth review of your all business’s marketing activities to determine several things: 

Why do you need a Marketing Audit?

Just like a financial audit or a payroll audit, Marketing Audits evaluate the health and effectiveness of your current marketing efforts. They uncover strengths as well as weaknesses. A successful marketing audit can: 

Even if you don’t have a marketing department or person, there are things you are doing to grow your business. Maybe working with the local Chamber of Commerce, buying targeted email lists, or posting on social media. Anything you do to interact with potential clients is part of your marketing presence digitally and within your community. You should know what and how these efforts are doing. 

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How does it work?

It all starts with a conversation. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your business including what your goals are and how your business interacts with your customers. After the initial meeting, we start digging. There will be more questions along the way, and in the end, you’ll have a clear picture of how your business looks to the outside world and where you should be making changes. 

All you need to do is give us information about your business. The work is on us. Trust us when we say that we enjoy it immensely!  

What happens after the Marketing Audit?
From there, we may suggest small changes that can be handled by you or your employees. Or we may recommend revisions to your brand, your website, or completely new marketing strategies and tactics.

We’ll lay out what you need and a roadmap to getting it done. For some clients, it’s very little. For others, we’ve done complete re-brands with new everything. (Very exciting stuff!).

The key is that we consider what you need along with your realistic resources to make it happen. Not every business can invest in significant marketing expenses. We get it. There are ways to make improvements for every budget. 

Let’s get started. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll get to know you and share thoughts on what we think you should do.

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