Strategic Marketing Planning

In today’s world of short attention spans and multi-tasking, your marketing plan needs to work harder to capture your customer’s attention more than ever before. After all, it’s a sizeable investment in your long-term growth and it needs to deliver results. Cox Marketing Solutions treats it that way.

We deliver customized marketing plans that efficiently leverage customer relationships and accelerate profitability with two simple goals:

  1. Increase the loyalty and profitability of existing customers.
  2. Develop profitable relationships with new customers.

The goals are simple, but the wide variety of inter-related tactics used to achieve them can be complex. Cox Marketing Solutions utilizes a blend of tactics that are scaled to each situation, creating plans customized to the budget and time resources available.

I have been working with Rita and Cox Marketing on multiple projects. She has served as a mentor, a guide, and her work is always on point. She knows her business well, she knows exactly what your business needs in order to shine, and she never feels that one size fits all. She understands her clients, she listens and delivers. Sabrina Houser

Owner, Capital CFO

Marketing Audit
The Cox Marketing Solutions Marketing Audit looks under the hood to determine if your plan is aligned with your growth goals and whether or not it’s delivering on your investment.
Customer Research
Cox Marketing Solutions delivers research that uncovers what your customers think about you and how it compares to what you need them to think in order to reach your goals.
Competitive Analysis
A competitive analysis finds the opportunities to set you apart from your competition and helps define where your customers can be found.
Brand Development & Management
Cox Marketing Solutions brand development starts with your current customers and how to clearly communicate to them. Then we develop the brand they’ll understand, no translator required.
Customer Acquisition
When you know how to talk to your existing customers, you will know how to talk to the ones you don’t know… yet. Cox Marketing Solutions speaks their language to deliver the message that makes a difference. Our customized customer acquisition plans drive measurable results because we do more than talk TO the customers you need. We start building relationships WITH them before they make their first purchase, with voices they know and in locations they trust.
Customer Loyalty
There’s a lot of talk about customer loyalty. Cox Marketing Solutions is passionate about it and goes beyond talk to real results that leverage profits by encouraging customers to spend more, visit more, and become your ambassadors. Direct mail, customer segmentation strategies, database development, digital marketing, e-marketing, loyalty program development, promotions, customer service enhancement training – we do it and we’re great at it.


Cox Marketing Solutions advertising plans are different because we know how to speak to your customers and where to speak to them. We don’t waste your marketing investment talking to the wrong customers.
Digital Marketing
Your customers are digital and so are the customers you haven’t met… yet. Cox Marketing Solutions takes your message directly to them and builds digital relationships from sources like your website and social media presence that turn them into your very own digital army.
Customer Experience
Never underestimate the power of the customer experience. Great ones will develop loyal customers and ambassadors, while the long-lasting impact of a negative experience can be a roadblock to business growth.

Cox Marketing Solutions studies customer experiences to identify areas for improvement, offering solutions that generate greater customer loyalty and profitability.

Customer Service
Don’t let customer loyalty get tripped up with bad customer service. The simple things matter because customer service is the face-to-face, one-on-one relationship a customer remembers long after they see the ad or read the newsletter. Cox Marketing Solutions delivers realistic plans to improve customer service levels. Then we provide the training to make them work.
Public Relations
Crafting the right message and delivering it to the right audience is exactly what we do. Cox Marketing Solutions has the connections that matter to make sure your message is heard.
Your outbound communication is the first impression your customer will get of you and your business. Communications tactics are an important component of a Strategic Marketing Plan. They provide an additional opportunity to deliver meaningful messages to both new and existing customers. Cox Marketing Solutions delivers and executes strategic communications plans that resonate with the audience that matters.

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