It’s easy to do what you think will generate the response you want from your customers, but it’s more profitable to do what you know will generate the same response.  Cox Marketing Solutions makes it easy for you to know.

You research what house to buy, what school your children will attend, and the best ways to invest for retirement.  If you aren’t doing the same thing with your marketing investment, you’re taking a leap of faith that won’t generate the greatest possible return.

Market Research

Knowing your market is just as important as knowing your customers. Cox Marketing Solutions examines your marketplace, your competition, and your customers to uncover the trends that lead to areas of opportunity.

Qualitative Studies

Cox Marketing Solutions asks the right questions in focus groups or one-on-one interviews to gather the information you need to make decisions that drive increased profitability.

Quantitative Studies

Cox Marketing Solutions uncovers the details that drive your customers’ behavior.  From online surveys to phone studies, we have the methodology that works.

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