Outsourced Marketing Department

Not sure how to handle your marketing investment?
Have a plan, but not sure who will make it happen?


Managing all your marketing strategies and tactics takes time, a steady hand, and experience. You need a marketing department you can trust to make it happen. After all, the future of your business depends on it! You may be unsure if you need an on-staff marketing person and perhaps you don’t need someone full time. You just don’t have enough time to manage marketing because you’re focused on operating your business.

No worries. Cox Marketing Solutions has worked with many different business owners to help them determine the most efficient and effective marketing department solution for them. We will review your goals and then provide support for whatever amount of time and resources you need.

Rita is a creative and energetic business leader with amazing marketing insights and a powerful can-do attitude.

Denise Desmond

Owner, Desmond Media & Marketing

Cox Marketing Solutions’ proven blend of strategy, execution, innovation, and technology is your complete, outsourced marketing department resource. We want you to be able to focus on running your business while we do the heavy lifting in growing your business.

We’ve handled the marketing for all kinds of businesses: manufacturing, hospitality, non-profit, retail, entertainment, services, and more. The tactics may be different but the steady, experienced hand who can pull it all together remains the same.

Outsourced Marketing Department Services


Brand Development
Social Media
Media Relations
Media Relations
Web Design & Development
Lead Generation
Graphic Design
Database Marketing
Content Development
Audio Photo Video
Audio / Photo / Video
Customer Experience
Digital Marketing
e-mail Marketing

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