Marketing Management

Great! You now have a marketing strategy and with that comes a plan of action needed to manage and execute all these new and creative ways to drive customers to your website and business.  You have spent valuable time, money, and energy to get it right. Now it just needs to work.

How are you going to do that? Managing your marketing plan requires time and experience. You are unsure if you need an on-staff marketing person and perhaps you don’t need someone full time. You are working on growing and managing your business so you cannot carve out more of your day to work on marketing.

No worries. Cox Marketing Solutions has worked with business owners to help them determine the most efficient and effective marketing management solution for them. We will review your plan and goals and then provide support for whatever amount of time you need.

Rita is a creative and energetic business leader with amazing marketing insights and a powerful can-do attitude. Denise Desmond

Owner, Desmond Media & Marketing

Do you know if your marketing investment is generating the results you need?

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