Customer Acquisition Marketing

How many ad messages have you seen today? How many do you remember? How many made you take action? We can all name several brands who do great advertising, but how many motivated you to take action and become a new customer?

Customer acquisition is more than great advertising. If you’re expecting advertising to do all the heavy lifting, it simply won’t work without some pretty important partners.

Our acquisition plans are in line with the strategy of your overall marketing solution. There’s no “fly by the seat of your pants” marketing that wastes your investment. We start the conversations and build relationships with the overall strategy in mind – translating into loyalty and profitability.

We deliver actionable customer acquisition plans that drive measurable results. Our plans talk to the customers you need and start building relationships with them before they make their first purchase, with voices they know and in locations they trust.

Rita is a true professional. She is an adept communicator, a brilliant marketer, and understands the value of cross-promotion and business partnerships. Molly Brindle

Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships, Proctors Collaborative

Customer Acquisition Strategies
When you know how to talk to your existing customers, you know how to talk to the ones you don’t know… yet. Cox Marketing Solutions plans start the conversations that build relationships through strategies that work hand in hand with advertising to make sure the message isn’t just heard, but that it is understood and acted upon.
Customer Acquisition Modes of Engagement
–     Advertising

–     Digital Marketing

–     Direct Mail

–     Earned Media

–     E-Marketing

–     Promotions

–     Referral Programs

–     Social Media

Do you know if your marketing investment is generating the results you need?

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