Crafting the right message and delivering it to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place is what Cox Marketing Solutions specializes in.

We apply the same principals to every communications plan.  Whether it’s a strategic communications plan, crisis communications, or media relations–we develop a plan that will cut through the clutter of today’s media world. A Cox Marketing Solutions communications plan resonates with the audience you need to reach. Then we make it happen with determination and an unrelenting focus on the end goal.

Strategic Communications

Cox Marketing Solutions delivers and executes strategic communications plans that clearly develop the message you need to be heard and deliver it to the audience you need to achieve your goals.

Crisis Communications

Cox Marketing Solutions knows how to craft the right message and control the story with speed and discipline. We’ve been there. All the preparation in the world couldn’t stop it from happening. Now what? We’ve got your back.

Media Relations

It’s a real challenge to cut through the clutter in today’s 24-hour news cycle. Not to mention, making sure it resonates with the audience that matters. Cox Marketing Solutions has long-term relationships that really matter. They know they can trust us, which means you can trust us to get your story told.

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