CMO for Hire

Sometimes you just need someone to pull it all together and make sense of the complicated marketing options available.  Identifying the right solutions for your company, with the know-how to get them produced and delivered, is exactly what we do.  Getting it done within your budget? Not a problem. We know how to create the best options for your goals and to beat your challenges.

You may not need a full-service advertising agency and you may not have an experienced in-house Marketing Director or Strategist – they just aren’t affordable. But you need help.

That’s where CMO for Hire comes in. We are that someone with the experience of a Chief Marketing Officer and the resources of a full-service advertising agency. Someone who will understand if your marketing investment is working, adjust it if it is not, and know how to make it do more.

CMO for Hire allows you to tap into 30 years of experience with building and leading dynamic, results-driven marketing teams across a wide range of organizations, from a 25-person start-up team and 400+ member volunteer network, to small local retailers and non-profits.

Our results speak for themselves –

  • 2018 holiday shopping season most successful in more than 10 years for Pearl Grant Richmans
  • From pre-opening construction to revenues of more than $200 million in 13 years at Saratoga Casino Hotel
  • $2 million in donations generated in 2 years at Special Olympics New York

Stop wasting your valuable money and time trying to make sense of today’s complicated marketing options.

Let CMO for Hire find the right marketing tactics to attract the customers who matter.

Rita can adapt to take on projects in any subject area and is able to overcome obstacles quickly, creatively, and strategically. She handles each project with the utmost professionalism and produces quality work every time. She has a keen understanding of marketing, promotions, and high-level relationships that makes her stand out as a leader in her field. Julie Miner

Managing Partner & CEO, J Strategies

Strategic Marketing Planning

There are more options than ever before to market businesses to the customers who matter to the bottom line. How to create the right strategy for that targeted marketing is the key.

Cox Marketing Solutions will create a customized plan matching your business to targeted customers, creating a strategy for not only incremental growth but long-term customer stability and accelerated profitability.

Successful marketing plans lay out a roadmap of efficient tactics and strategies to target the most valuable customers. Our marketing strategy and plan considers every opportunity a chance to make an impact with customers, building loyal and profitable customer relationships.

Change Management
Change happens – and it isn’t always easy. Our fresh perspective, experienced leadership, and steady hand deliver and execute strategic plans that adjust to new goals and new ways of doing business.

Cox Marketing Solutions understands that change can have a dramatic impact on companies, team members, and customers. Overcoming both positive and negative growth challenges requires clear communication, steady leadership, and close teamwork. We’ve been there and know how to help.

Marketing Management
Managing your marketing activities takes time, and there are times when it’s difficult to dedicate the time needed for success. Maybe you’re looking for a new marketing person but haven’t found one yet. Maybe you aren’t sure you need someone full time, but you just don’t have the time to keep doing it yourself. Whatever the reason, Cox Marketing Solutions can fill the gap and manage your marketing investment for whatever amount of time you need.
Leadership Development

Working in a business day to day and managing people and processes as a leader is critical. It drives the forward motion of the business activities and growth. The skills needed for those responsibilities are somewhat different than those skills needed to grow the business and create a marketing persona for your products, services, and message.

Organizations need strong leadership across all departments, and developing marketing leaders with the skills and know-how to help achieve long-term goals is among the most important.  Our executive team has mentored many of our clients as they learn to understand the sales and marketing aspects of their businesses. We educate with the skills taught by mentors who have proven success in developing teams and leaders.

From very large companies to mentorship with small, start-up organizations, the leaders we’ve trained are now CMO’s, Marketing Directors, and Sales Directors, effective in managing the sales and marketing strategies of their businesses.

Customer Analysis
Customer data is critical to successful marketing. You may know your customers, but do you really KNOW them and understand their behaviors? Do you have data in several places, but haven’t had the time to put it together for decision making? Regardless of how much data you have in multiple locations, we’ve spent years analyzing customer data and finding ways to use it to drive results.

No data? No problem. We’ve built databases and conducted focus groups and other types of research to find the information we need to develop successful marketing strategies.

Customer Experience
Never underestimate the power of the customer experience. Great ones will develop loyal customers and ambassadors, while the long-lasting impact of a negative experience can be a roadblock to business growth.

Cox Marketing Solutions studies customer experiences to identify areas for improvement, offering solutions that generate greater customer loyalty and profitability.

Crafting the right message and delivering it to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place is one of our specialties. We use our strategic tools to develop a plan that cuts through the clutter of today’s media world and resonates with the audience you need to reach. Then we make it happen with determination and an unrelenting focus on the end goal.

We use your perspective and voice to create genuine communication in a manner your customers have come to know and trust, and your prospects will say “wow”!

Cox Marketing Solutions has the long-term media relationships that really matter to effectively create your communications strategy.  You can trust us to get your story told.

Do you know if your marketing investment is generating the results you need?

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