The marketing strategies that will work for you are different from anyone else.  It’s more than creating a website and posting on social media.  We understand.  Marketing is the fuel that drives your company’s engine, delivering growth and profitability. Put our comprehensive, proven blend of strategy, execution, innovation, and technology to work for you.

CMO for Hire

Often times the idea of building a marketing strategy is daunting. You need a traffic cop to direct the time, resources, and wide variety of options all within your budget. We get that and our CMO for Hire services create a customized strategy based on your needs, goals, and budget. Our experiences and resources afford you all the benefits of a full-service advertising agency ensuring your marketing investment is attracting new customers while engaging your current customers, all culminating in greater profitability.

Marketing Management

Managing a marketing strategy and plan takes time and experience – things many business owners just don’t have. Cox Marketing Solutions’ proven blend of strategy, execution, innovation, and technology is your complete, outsourced marketing management resource. We want you to be able to focus on running your business and let Cox Marketing Solutions do the heavy lifting in growing your business.

Strategic Marketing Planning

There are more options than ever before to market your business specifically to the customers who matter to your bottom line. We will work with you to uncover and create a strategy to gain new customers. We will market to them and measure the results, with a goal of efficiently leveraging your customer relationships and accelerating your profitability. From competitive analysis and customer research to new customer acquisition strategies and digital marketing, our strategic marketing plans focus on the customer and subsequent revenue growth you will need to achieve your long-term goals.

Customer Loyalty Marketing

So many organizations talk about customer loyalty, but do they really understand it? Cox Marketing Solutions does, and we are passionate about it. We go beyond the theory of customer loyalty and enact real results that leverage profits by encouraging your customers to spend more, visit more, and become your ambassadors. After 30 years of experience creating profitable and long-lasting customer relationships, Cox Marketing Solutions knows how to deliver results. From the smallest to the largest, the steps are the same and the goal doesn’t change. We strive for increased and improved customer loyalty by enhancing every interaction with them.

Customer Acquisition Marketing

Cox Marketing Solutions produces tailored customer acquisition plans that drive measurable results because we do more than talk TO the customers you need. We start building relationships WITH them before they make their first purchase, with voices they know and in locations they trust. Our acquisition plans are in line with the strategy of your overall marketing solution.   There’s no “fly by the seat of your pants” marketing that wastes your investment. We start the conversations and build relationships with the overall strategy in mind, translating into loyalty and profitability.

Do you know if your marketing investment is generating the results you need?

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