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Come explore the largest selection of unique, handcrafted, and one of a kind gifts in the Capital Region.

Pearl Grant Richmans faces the same challenges of many retailers – declining customers and revenues. They needed to find ways to attract new customers.  While they had strong loyalty from existing customers, they also needed to increase profitability. We created a customized, strategic marketing plan for them.  Then, we built a new website to better highlight the wide range of items available in the store. We revised their advertising with new creatives, new media buying strategies, and the addition of digital marketing.  Then we implemented new promotions and events to drive customer acquisition as well as customer loyalty.

The marketing results speak for themselves.  Pearl Grant Richmans spent the same amount as in previous years and had the most successful holiday shopping season in more than 10 years.

For the past two years, Cox Marketing Solutions, LLC has provided us with outstanding service.  They built a new web site and took over our advertising program.  They have also given us excellent guidance for our social media. Under Rita’s tutelage, we have had a history of steadily increased business success.

Barry Richman

President, Pearl Grant Richmans

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