First-time customers are exciting.
Second-time customers are your Future.

Cox Marketing Solutions understands customers.  We get to know yours in a more detailed, nuanced way than just age and gender.

In short, we speak their language – developing practical strategies that not only attract first-timers but help you build those relationships while attracting more customers like them.  Result:  an ever-expanding resource for growth and profitability.

Rita Cox knows how to draw a crowd – and keep them coming back.

rita cox

From a foundation in the hyper-competitive music industry, she learned the importance of clearly defining your target customer – and keeping them engaged with fresh ideas and motivations.

She built on this experience to develop a comprehensive approach to marketing that has worked for all kinds of organizations, large and small.

Most recently, her marketing strategies led the growth of Saratoga Casino Hotel as it progressed from the 2004 opening through multiple expansions and into the $200 million company it became 13 years later.  This was a multi-faceted challenge – not only building a gaming base, but also developing return-visit customers for dining, entertainment, concerts, and more, while also building excellent relations with an initially skeptical community.

Throughout her career, Rita’s focus has been on improving customer engagement and profitability.  In addition to her success at Saratoga Casino Hotel, her efforts increased suite holder profitability at the Times Union Center, advertising sales revenues at Albany Broadcasting, and volunteer participation and fundraising at Special Olympics New York and To Life!.

Through this diverse experience, two constants have proven to be true:

  1. The most important thing in a successful marketing plan is the development of a meaningful customer engagement strategy.
  2. A company can’t reach its true potential until it has an engaged and loyal customer base.

Let’s speak Customer with your customers.