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At Cox Marketing Solutions we love the challenge of finding the perfect marketing strategies to work in every unique situation. It’s our passion.

Our founder, Rita Cox, has been leading marketing teams for three decades. Her experiences have created and designed a comprehensive, holistic approach to marketing that has worked for all types of organizations, large and small. From her foundation in the hyper-competitive music industry to her recent work as a SCORE mentor for start-up businesses, Rita’s strategic approach has turned challenges into success in many different organizations.

Rita’s marketing strategies led the growth of Saratoga Casino Hotel as it progressed from its opening in 2004 through multiple expansions culminating in a $200 million company thirteen years later. She increased suite holder profitability at the Times Union Center, advertising sales revenues at Albany Broadcasting, and volunteer participation and fundraising at Special Olympics New York, To Life!, and Ronald McDonald House. Her knowledge spans industries and her experiences can be applied to all sectors.

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Rita is the premier marketing professional in the Capital Region, and nobody has a better understanding of the intersection of media, local issues and successful strategies to promote her cause or issue. She is a consummate professional, a great member of the team, and unflappable even under extreme pressure. Morgan Hook

Managing Director, SKDKnickerbocker

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