Companies need strategic marketing plans to help them develop profitable relationships with their customers.  The challenge is that a good marketing strategy takes time and requires experience.  When companies don’t have or can’t afford the marketing experience they need, what should they do?  There are two basic choices – hire an in-house team or look for an outside company for outsourced marketing.  Is it worth taking the time to build an experienced in-house team?  Or is the right choice an outside company?

Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing your strategic marketing efforts:

  1. Ready to go!  An outsourced team is ready to go from day one.  You’ll have a team of experienced professionals working on your strategy immediately. No costly time spent training!
  2. Fresh Perspective It’s hard to do things differently when you’re used to doing them the same way.  An outsourced team will be more objective and bring a fresh perspective.
  3. Experience You simply can’t understate the importance of experience in marketing.  If you’re considering outsourcing, you probably lack the experience to drive long term success.  Outsourcing provides access to experienced teams who understand your market.  They know how to leverage insights and they understand the marketing opportunities available.  The result is that you can now focus on other priorities.
  4. Save Money and Time Hiring experienced talent can be costly, time-consuming, and impractical.  Outsourcing affords you the flexibility to scale, paying only for what you need.
  5. Results  It all comes down to ROI.  Whatever your marketing strategy, the ROI has to matter.  With an outsourced team, you can and should expect the best results.  Even the most experienced in-house teams can miss opportunities.  Internal conflicts, time constraints, or staffing concerns easily get in the way.

Many companies already outsource development, accounting, and other critical aspects of their business.  They know that by doing so, they’re saving recruiting and training time.  They’re also saving payroll and other expenses. At the same time, they’re gaining access to experts in their fields.

Outsourcing your marketing strategies is a big decision.  Your outsourced marketing strategy is crucial to meeting revenue, growth, and profitability expectations.  Cox Marketing Solutions can provide the outsourced team you need.  We can put your business on a path to success now and for years to come.  Let’s get started.

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